Kool Tool is the brainchild of four businesswomen who fell in love with the product and wanted to tell as many people as possible about how great it is. We are friends and former co-workers and love owning our own business and selling a great product. We have over 30 years of business experience in the fields of fashion, finance, health, show business and non-profits. We combine the skills of graphic design, marketing, sales, financial planning, operations, production and distribution. If you are looking to customize your Kool Tool order, place a bulk order for your company or organization, your business is in good hands with us. We can also handle fundraising opportunities too.

Thoughts on Kool Tool as written by one of us after she fell in love with her Kool Tool:

“Have you ever bought something, perhaps been a bit unsure about your purchase, and then discovered that it’s something you can’t live without? My Kool Tool is at the top of that list. I bought a purple one so I knew it wouldn’t be a total loss; at least it would be pretty. After admiring the color, I followed the instructions: run water over until it’s saturated (or put it in a bowl of cold water), wring it out really well, snap it a few times (kinda fun!), fold it however you’d like and put it on your body! I was in public the first time I used it and had taken off as many articles of clothing that I could while staying within the legal limits of decency, so I wet it, snapped it, folded it over about 4 times and put it around my neck. Ahhhhh! Ohhhhh! Yeah!!!! It was cool, comfortable, and comforting

No matter how old you are, The Kool Tool is a great accessory to have. You can use it to provide relief to a child’s feverish forehead. Give one to your favorite sports enthusiast so he or she can use it while at the gym, on the golf course, the tennis court, biking, hiking, running, at yoga or even playing a heated game of Wii bowling. If you work outdoors, you’ll definitely want one! Share one with the landscapers, utility workers, construction workers, roofers, gardeners, etc. in your life. I’ll bet the Wichita Lineman would have loved one! Send a boxful to your favorite military man or woman or drop a few in a collection box of items being sent to our wonderful service personnel.

Keep a couple in your car to cool you off while traveling, sleep with one (or two) to keep overnight air conditioning costs to a minimum and keep one close while you’re surfin’ the Net.  Remember to tie one around Princess or Spike’s neck when they walk you in warm weather. You’ll have the coolest canine around. You'll love having the Kool Tool if you live in a spot where it's relatively warm all year round. You can use it indoors and out.  For those of you who live in cooler climes, use it indoors when your house or office gets a little too warm when the heat is too high for you, take it to the gym, and keep it on hand to cool down a flu-y, feverish family member.

I wish I would have had my Kool Tool handy during the "Great San Diego Blackout of '11". I wasn’t home so I couldn’t use mine to keep me cool when the fans, air conditioners, swamp coolers and ceiling fans were all taking a well-deserved nap. I’m also at the age where I’m living through my own personal summer. Yeah, I admit it. I spent the first few decades of my life being too cool for school. No, I don’t mean I was the most popular kid, I mean my school was just too cold for me. I’m a delicate flower, what do you want from me. I’m currently experiencing a 180 degree (almost literally!) change in body temperature.   I keep my lovely purple (did I mention that’s my favorite color?) Kool Tool close at hand 24 hours a day. I use it while working at my desk, wear it around my neck while running errands and spread it over my chest or my head while sleeping. I’m a much happier woman than I was a couple of months ago!!!! It also beats lugging around that 20 lb portable fan.....you don't need electricity for your Kool tool. You just need some water from the sink, your water bottle or even that plastic bag in your purse filled with just enough water to rewet and recharge your Kool Tool.

Like I said, people of all ages will love their Kool Tool and love you for being the one who gave it to them. Enjoy the hot new tool that keeps you cool and be sure to let us know how many uses you’ve found for your Kool Tool!”

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